11th Edition of International Conference on Proteomics

22 March 2018 to 23 March 2018
London, United Kingdom

Through our theme 'Exploring Novel Drug in the Field of Proteomics', the conference will analyse the recent advancements and new modes that can be enforced to the research to take Proteomics, one step further.

The conference also includes essential topics on: Proteomics in Drug Discovery, Protein Expression and Analysis, Chromatin Proteomics, Protein Microarrays , The Cancer Proteome, Proteomics for Bioinformatics, Neuroproteomics, Proteomics and Cell Signalling, Metabolomics, Transcriptome Sequencing, Phylogenetic Analysis of Protein, Genomic, Proteomic, and Metabolomic Data Integration Strategies and Molecular Docking and Structure-Based Drug Design Strategies.