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A Handbook of Derivatives for Mass Spectrometry

by Vladimir Zaikin and John Halket

About this book

Chemical derivatisation of functional groups has proved popular since the beginning of organic mass spectrometry as a means to enhance the stability and volatility of the analytes as well as facilitating structure elucidation. This book provides comprehensive information on the wide range of derivatisation methods. Each chapter looks at a particular area of derivatisation and includes extensive references to the literature for further research where necessary. There are nearly 1800 references, which, as well as full bibliographic information, include chapter/paper titles where appropriate and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to allow easy retrieval of the online version of the referenced publication.

The emergence of atmospheric pressure ionisation and other soft ionisation techniques has not diminished the interest in such chemical techniques, as witnessed by the many chemical tags used in quantitative proteomics (Chapter 9). The last two chapters, a substantial part of the book, deal with derivatisation for use with soft ionisation of both small and large molecules.

Chapter 1. Silylation
Pages 1–32
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch1

Chapter 2. Acylation
Pages 33–56
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch2

Chapter 3. Alkylation (arylation)
Pages 57–89
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch3

Chapter 4. Formation of cyclic derivatives
Pages 91–113
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch4

Chapter 5. Specific derivatisation of monofunctional compounds
Pages 115–170
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch5

Chapter 6. Formation of mixed derivatives of polyfunctional compounds
Pages 171–214
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch6

Chapter 7. On-line derivatisation/degradation
Pages 215–236
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch7

Chapter 8. Soft ionisation mass spectrometry of small molecules
Pages 237–297
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch8

Chapter 9. “Soft” ionisation mass spectrometry of large molecules
Pages 299–478
doi: 10.1255/978-1-906715-15-1_ch9