Call for Entries for 2012 Alexander Goetz Instrument Support Program

ASD Inc. is now accepting entries for the annual Alexander Goetz Instrument Support Program for the 2012 calendar year from researchers in all disciplines involving remote sensing and field spectroscopy. The annual programme encourages novel, unconventional and/or fundamental research in the field of remote sensing and NIR spectroscopy. The programme will award up to 10 students for their valuable and thought-provoking research projects that apply reflectance spectroscopy to advance understanding in fields of study as diverse as geology and agriculture.

ASD Inc. will allocate one full-range FieldSpec 3 (350–2500 nm) spectrometer system, one FieldSpec HandHeld (325–1075 nm) spectroradiometer system and one FieldSpec HandHeld 2 (325–1075 nm) spectroradiometer system for temporary use during the selected research project.

The programme provides field instrumentation to graduate students pursuing a Master’s or PhD within an accredited college or university programme in the United States and all countries where Carnet documentation for shipments is accepted. Additionally, up to a total of $500 in publication charges (if the resulting paper is published in an approved publication) and/or travel assistance for presentation of an accepted abstract at a relevant scientific conference will be provided for each recipient.

The annual award programme was established in recognition of ASD’s co-founder, Dr Alexander F.H. Goetz for his pioneering work in the field of remote sensing. Dr Goetz was a professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder for 21 years and while there, he founded the Center for the Study of Earth from Space (CSES).

“This programme complements our company’s mission to be the leading provider of high performance analytical instrumentation solutions by encouraging a creative research environment that can quickly establish concept viability,” said Dr Goetz, Chief Scientist at ASD. “We are providing them access to field spectroradiometers and accessories that might otherwise be difficult for the student to obtain.”

Proposals for the 2012 programme must be received by 17 October 2011. Proposals should be inventive, might be opportunistic and need not have an immediate practical application or guarantee of success. Additional consideration will be given to proposals that bridge boundaries between traditional disciplines. All submissions will be reviewed by a prestigious interdisciplinary review committee chaired by Dr Goetz, and winners will be announced in early December 2011. Additional programme information and proposal guidelines are located on the ASD website.