EJMS Protocols

EJMS Protocols

“It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it”.

Never has this maxim been truer in mass spectrometry than now. Our discipline is growing fast as the consequences of the impact of adventures such as metabolomics and proteomics ripple through the scientific community. A common reaction among newcomers to mass spectrometry and old-hands alike is that “I tried running that ‘biological sample’ but something wasn’t right”. The new techniques demand know-how and nous to achieve the very best results.

EJMS Protocols” is a new section of EJMS—European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, which has been introduced to facilitate communication of methodology—practical details of how to be successful with experiments in mass spectrometry. Jonas Bergquist has taken on the role of Protocols Editor. EJMS Protocols will normally be submitted to or solicited by the Protocol Editor. Submissions as EJMS Protocols will be peer-reviewed and will benefit from the same high standard of copy editing as regular papers.

An EJMS Protocols will “work” if followed faithfully, i.e. the authors would consider the methodology to be proven! Authorship of an EJMS Protocols could have a significantly broader catchment than a regular paper—practical contributions might weigh strongly with an EJMS Protocols as well as the usual intellectual contributions. Placing the methodology in context is all-important with an EJMS Protocols, meaning that scope of application and alternative approaches must be made clear. Identifying limitations assumes greater importance and addressing safety issues, if any, is crucially important.

The introduction of “EJMS Protocols” has been stimulated by the explosive growth of biological mass spectrometry, but the new section is intended for and is in every bit as relevant to many other areas of mass spectrometry. An EJMS Protocol could be envisaged for cleaning ion source parts even!

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We encourage you to share your precious methods, even your previously secret methods, with colleagues through “EJMS Protocols”. Submit online at and select “EJMS Protocols” under Journal Section when submitting.