An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry in the Health Sciences

by Tony Mallet

Format: eBook (PDF)
Price: £24.95 + VAT
Published: April 2014
Pages: 187 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-906715-19-9

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Who this book is for?

  • Those newly exposed to the use of combined chromatography and mass spectrometry for analysis of biological material.
  • Scientists experienced in automated clinical analysis using immunoassays and new to mass spectrometry.
  • Persons interested in assessing the reality of use of mass spectrometry in a clinical environment.

Coverage of the book

Both modern immunoassay instruments and mass spectrometers are becoming increasingly ‘black box’ in design.  This book aims to help detect when erroneous results may be being produced by the latter and suggest solutions.

The book is in a format convenient to access in a laboratory from both tablet and PC and is designed to highlight performance errors and difficulties often overlooked in published methods or not easily detected in the course of a multi-sample long term study.

While a few assay procedures are explained and number of recent references are given, the aim is to have an associated web site which will provide updates, error corrections and a link to the author to suggest answers to problems.

A section of the book is concerned with the most recent methods for direct mass spectrometry in clinical diagnosis such as may be of interest to point of care testing (POCT) cases.

While detailed descriptions of instruments, mass spectra and ion behaviour are kept to a minimum, the optimum performance of a system will always require an understanding of the physical and organic chemistry principles involved.

A glossary and explanation of common terms and acronyms is included.

The author

Tony Mallet has over 45 years of experience in the application of mass spectrometry to natural substances and clinical pharmacology.  He has been employed in the University sector since 1967, has an Emeritus Professorship from King’s College, London, and held a visiting chair in the University of Greenwich until 2013.  In the latter Institution he was responsible for creating an on-line external course on Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry in the Health Sciences.


Mass Matters (September 2014)

In summary, this short book provides a very nice basic overview of mass spectrometry relevant to health science applications, clearly emphasizing the key points that need consideration and offering extremely well-chosen case studies as illustration. This short review does not do this book justice. At 184 pages, with the text written in short bite-sized chunks and bullet point summaries, a reader would be well advised to sit down and digest the whole text at a first pass, then turn to it as a quick guide on a day-to-day basis thereafter.

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