JSI Special Issue on Chemometrics in Hyperspectral Imaging

We would like to remind you about the Special Issue dedicated to Chemometrics in Hyperspectral Imaging that JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging is to publish.

In this Special Issue of JSI we would like to present a wide overview of chemometrics and of its use in hyperspectral and spectral imaging. We welcome special applications such as ultrasound, computer tomography (CT) or MRI, digital photography or any other special type of imaging as long as it produces at least four image variables or that the data is analysed through multivariate analysis. A requirement is that some kind of chemometrics or statistics is part of the paper and we really welcome novel chemometrics models and applications. Special Issues in JSI are subject to the same high standards of peer-review as regular papers and will receive the same quality copy editing and typesetting. Papers submitted to JSI Special Issues will be exempt from Open Access processing fees. Since JSI publishes continuously, there is no delay in publishing accepted papers as can happen with print-based journals. All papers in a Special Issue are collected into a Virtual Issue (see an example) as well as appearing in the normal contents of the journal.

Open Access publication means that all papers published in JSI are available to read without charge or registration. Authors retain copyright and have a choice of Creative Commons licences.

Submit your paper or review by 15 September 2017

To submit your paper and check on the Instructions for Authors please go to the Author Centre.