Mass Spectrometry

IM Publications publishes books in mass spectrometry, and also offers a range of books from other publishers from our online store.


A History of European Mass SpectrometryA History of European Mass Spectrometry, Edited by Keith R. Jennings, provides a fascinating insight into the origins of mass spectrometry and its subsequent development in Europe. For those who do not remember a mass spectrometer the size of five full-size billiards tables, this book may come as a shock!

A Handbook of Derivatives for Mass SpectrometryA Handbook of Derivatives for Mass Spectrometry by Vladimir Zaikin and John Halket. This comprehensive book, covering all aspects of the extremely powerful technique of derivatisation is now published.

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An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry in the Health Sciences. This ebook, written by Tony Mallet, provides an introduction for those working with mass spectrometry in the clinical and health sciences, with the aim of educating the reader as to when erroneous results may be being produced, as well as highlighting performance errors and difficulties often overlooked in published methods.