NIR-2013 Website Launched

The website for NIR-2013 (Montpellier, France, 1–7 June 2013) is now online at

The theme of the conference is “Picking Up Good Vibrations”. As conference organiser, Véronique Bellon-Maurel says:

Scientific Vibrations. The aim is to open the conference more widely to new applications in medical, pharmaceutical and environment domains. Frontiers in instrumentation and chemometrics will also be covered. Special attention will be given to scientists from other disciplines, to encourage cross-over. You will be impressed by the program of the high-level pre-conference courses, organised by Ondalys.

Friendship Vibrations. La Grande-Motte is a small seaside town, 15 km from Montpellier, with plenty of hotels in all categories close by, as well as loads of restaurants, bars and beaches: So many opportunities to meet and exchange in a casual environment. We have a full program of interesting and friendly social events!

.. and loads of other Good Vibrations. There will be plenty going on in the conference, as well as in the city outside. Look out for the use of innovative communication techniques at the conference. The city of La Grande-Motte, built from scratch in the seventies with its particular “organic” architecture is worth a good look. Visits to Montpellier and to the outstanding environment of Herault Department and Languedoc-Roussillon region are sure to leave you with wonderful memories.