Real-time NIR blend analyser

The Thermo Scientific TruProcess NIR spectrometer for real-time blend analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the new Thermo Scientific TruProcess analyser, a NIR spectrometer for real-time blend analysis, drying and other process analytical technology (PAT) applications. The TruProcess analyser is easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes and provides fast, reliable, real-time process analysis while optimising manufacturing throughput, ensuring product quality and lowering production costs. The TruProcess analyser is based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology that enable the use of a small and lightweight enclosure, which also permits interface with the widest range of pharmaceutical process equipment. It features an integrated position sensor and wireless communications, can complete a scan within one second, and has the ability to monitor blending rates of up to 25 RPMs. The analyser is also compatible with Thermo Scientific Method Development software to allow for both qualitative and quantitative applications including drying, blending and moisture analysis.

“Pharmaceutical manufacturers want to directly analyse materials during blending and drying, in-process and in real-time, but this cannot come at the expense of quality or efficiency,” said Chris Petty, vice president and general manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s portable optical analysis business. “TruProcess offers manufacturers a fast and reliable on-line process analysis tool. By leveraging NIR spectroscopy and MEMS technology, the analyser offers the most complete process scalability in the market.”

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