Journal of Spectral Imaging

JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging is an online, Open Access, peer-review journal publishing high-quality papers in the rapidly growing field of spectral, hyperspectral and chemical imaging.

Currently, the Open Access publication fee will be waived for all authors.

ISSN: 2040-4565

Aims and scope

High-quality papers are welcomed from all researchers in the field on work where imaging and spectral information is obtained at the same time. Such areas include, but are not restricted to:

All applications are welcomed, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Cultural heritage
  • Food
  • Geology
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Surfaces

With techniques such as:

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Mid-infrared spectroscopy
  • Near infrared spectroscopy
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Secondary ion mass spectrometry
  • Ultraviolet spectroscopy
  • Visible spectroscopy
  • X-ray spectrometry (microanalysis)

Spatial regions may include:

  • Remote sensing
  • Macro imaging
  • Micro imaging
  • Nano imaging

Data handling, data mining and chemometrics will also be important topics for papers.

Editorial Board

JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging is supported by an editorial team of experts led by Aoife Gowen.

  • Editorial Board

  • Digital Preservation

    JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging is pleased to be a member of Portico, ensuring that all papers are securely preserved for the future.
    JSI is Archiving in Portico

Open Access Publishing

Open Access means that your paper can be read by anyone. Currently, we do not charge fees to publish in JSI, but we will do so in the future. Publish in JSI for:

  • No author charges of any kind
  • Easy online submission
  • Thorough and constructive peer review
  • Online publication within hours of acceptance
  • Our excellent support for authors
  • Our active promotion of your paper
  • Choice of Creative Commons licences


JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging is owned and published by IM Publications LLP (IMP). IMP were established in 1990 and have particular experience in publishing periodicals and books in the spectroscopy field.

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