Mass Spectrometry

11th Edition of International Conference on Proteomics

Through our theme 'Exploring Novel Drug in the Field of Proteomics', the conference will analyse the recent advancements and new modes that can be enforced to the research to take Proteomics, one step further.

Metabolite Identification with the Q Exactive and LTQ Orbitrap

This 2-day course will provide a hands-on approach to teach the attendees about the latest techniques and tools available to perform metabolite identification in non-targeted metabolomics studies. The course will be led by experts working within the fields of metabolomics and chemical analysis and will include a significant proportion of hands-on experience of using mass spectrometers, software tools and databases. A maximum of four people will be working on each mass spectrometer in a session. We will apply these tools on the Q Exactive and LTQ-Orbitrap family of mass spectrometers.

Multiple biofluid and tissue types, from sample preparation to analysis strategies for metabolomics

This 3-day course will provide a comprehensive theoretical overview and hands-on training for the range of methods applied for sample preparation of complex biological samples for analysis applying LC-MS analysis. The course will be led by experts in the field to illustrate the different approaches that are available to analyse a range of biological samples and apply complementary liquid chromatography approaches to maximise the coverage of the metabolome. The course will be taught by experts in metabolomics who have experience of the analysis of microbial, plant and mammalian samples.

Metabolomics with the Q Exactive

This 3-day course will introduce you to using the Q Exactive mass spectrometer in your metabolomics investigations. The course will be led by experts in the field of metabolomics and include lectures, laboratory sessions and computer workshops to provide a detailed overview of the metabolomics pipeline applying the Q Exactive mass spectrometer.

The course is aimed at individuals with minimal previous experience of applying LC-MS in metabolomics studies. A working knowledge of LC-MS would be advantageous.

2nd World Congress on Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences

Pharma-2018 will focus on Novel approaches and techniques in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences.

Pharma-2018 Organizing Committee anticipates 400 speakers from 50 Countries. We would like to inform you that 6 International Pharmacetical and chemical sciences association Presidents are attending as key note speakers.

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2018 Annual Meeting

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition 2018 is organized by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)


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