Mass Spectrometry

19th Conference in Analytical Chemistry

Along the lines of the long traditions of Euroanalysis, the meeting will cover all aspects where analytical chemistry plays a role including fundamental and applied sciences. It will offer plenary and keynote presentations on cutting-edge topics by internationally renowned leaders of the field, followed by contributed talks and poster presentations to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions. In addition, a young researcher’s session will be organized to provide opportunities for and encourage Ph.D. students and postdocs to share their findings.

6th International Symposium on Metallomics

Metallomics owes its genesis to the seeds planted in atomic spectrometry just as much as it does to the awareness that the omics revolution brought to analytical chemistry in general. Since the term metallomics was coined in 2004, the field embraced many disciplines beyond analytical chemistry, such as biology, biochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, toxicology and biomedical sciences addressing the role of metals in life sciences. Metallomics 2017 will provide a multidisciplinary platform covering all aspects from method development to the role of metals in life science.

Goldschmidt 2017

Scientists and students from all over the world will come together to discuss what is new, hot and important in the interdisciplinary field of geochemistry. We will meet to communicate, collaborate, mentor, learn, and enjoy - a fantastic line up of speakers, exhibitors and events in an inspiring environment. This year’s Science Committee with the help of an engaged international community of geochemists, is proud to present fresh sessions in themes including the geochemistry of planets, atmospheres, resources, impacts, seas and more.

2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry

The 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, twenth in a series of biennial meetings sponsored by the ICP Information Newsletter, features developments in plasma spectrochemical analysis by inductively coupled plasma (ICP), dc plasma (DCP), microwave plasma (MIP), glow discharge (GDL), and laser sources. Short courses at introductory and advanced levels and manufacturers' seminars will be offered Friday through Monday, January 5-8.

The 38th British Mass Spectrometry (BMSS) Annual Meeting

BMSS will hold its 38th Annual Meeting in Manchester at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). BMSS has reserved the entire venue to accommodate the conference, introduction to mass spectrometry course, careers workshop, vendor exhibition and the society’s annual general meeting.

Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS 2017)


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