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NIR news 2014 data analysis challenge

This year, to help all of you with time to fill over the Christmas and New Year break, we have decided to offer a data analysis challenge. The problem to be solved is described in the text and the dataset may be downloaded from the Internet.

New image for “big data” tools

Image from single mass peakBig data represents both an opportunity and a challenge for scientists. The huge amount of data that can be generated by the latest scientific instruments could lead to important scientific discoveries, but only if scientists can efficiently process that data. A recent European project called Computis, has come up with a range of new tools for efficiently processing mass spectrometry imaging data.

Deadline near for 2015 Goetz Instrument Support Programme

PANalytical Boulder is accepting submissions for the 2015 Alexander Goetz Instrument Support Program and the deadline for submissions is 15 October 2014.

Selected students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree with innovating research proposals will be awarded a FieldSpec® 4 Standard-Res spectroradiometer or a FieldSpec HandHeld 2 spectroradiometer for a specified period of time. The spectroradiometers can be used by the students for a wide range of field research applications such as image interpretation, ground truthing, materials classification and ecological impact analyses.

HSI-2014 Proceedings

JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging would be delighted to consider a full-length paper based on your presentation at HSI-2014 for publication in a special collection of papers from the conference.

Publishing in JSI offers the following advantages

No more dodgy prawns

Chinese food scientists have used NIR hyperspectral imaging to identify tough and chewy prawns.

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Award for Marena Manley

Marena Manley is the recipient of the Medal of Honour awarded by The South African Academy of Science and Arts


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