Nothing like a ripe avocado

Agricultural scientists from South Africa have shown that NIR spectroscopy can accurately determine some of the characteristics used to tell the ripeness of avocados, but not all.

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Following phosphorus maps over fields

Two British soil scientists have shown that vis-NIR spectroscopy can help farmers determine how much phosphorus they should apply to their fields.

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Heavy metals with a twist

Chinese researchers have shown that visible and NIR spectroscopy can detect low concentrations of heavy metals in agricultural soil, but only thanks to organic matter.

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Copper-bottomed deficiency detection

Danish scientists have shown that NIR spectroscopy can catch copper deficiency in plants early enough for successful treatment.

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Roasting chestnuts, not insects

US and Italian scientists have used NIR spectroscopy to detect a nasty surprise hidden inside some chestnuts.

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Environmental problems for distinguishing GM seed

US scientists investigate whether NIR spectroscopy can detect contamination of conventional crop seed by genetically-modified varieties.

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