Room design and facilities for NIR

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We are going to have a new lab. and we are designing a room for NIR. Our machne are Foss NIR 5000 conected with compute and two monitors.
Can anyone suggete me the proper size of the room and what kind of fcilities are needed?  Normally one or two person are working on NIR and it has been very busy. right now the NIR room is 7 m2. Is it too small?

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Are going to install a really old equipment for a new lab?
As for lab size there is strict requirement from equipment side. There should be enough space for operator to work with.
For Nirs you need a mill for grounding samples and provide a stable temperature in the room

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;).It is old machine. However, it is still working very well. We are currenly staying in a temporary building. University is going to build a new building which will put a few departmnt together.The space is limited and we need to work out the least size of room for the equipments. You are right, the stable temperatre is important. The room is only for scanning. So 7 m2 is ok.

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First you should  mention you object or goal .What are you going to do with FOSS ?. Is it Food or other materials ? Are you going to analysis qualitaitve or qunatiatives then comes room size . Genarly good room of 10 x 10 is more for NIRS.
Venkynir India .

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Thanks. venkynir
We are mainly dealing with animal feed. The room is only for  scanning dry grounded samples usingNIR currently. 10x10 is too luxurious ;).

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Thank you so much for info. We will get NIR machine for our lab in cambodia. It is good info for us.



As per ergonomics, working space between  2 personnel should have at least 5feet. The space you provided is around 75ft^2, Depending on how you arrange the working table and maximize the space, your casework would still consume about 2feet in width whereas the door would eat 12ft^2 of space. The space left seems too small for me and would limit the movement of the technician who would use the room


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Sure. will see how is going on with the plan. Thanks!

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Hi Yuming,
I agree, a little more space would be useful, if you are going to have 2-3 people using the space at the same time.
You should also have the room well air-conditioned, so that your samples will be measured after equilibrating to room temperature at a relatively constant temperature.  Go for a 2C temp range.
It is also important to have a stabilized electric power, with the instrument and computers on their own circuits.  I'd recommend using  Uniterruptible Power Supplies on the instrument and on the computers too.  You will be glad you did, whenever your power goes down, even for an instant.  I think having a low wattage lamp on the UPS with the computers would be smart.  You could use just one UPS, but make sure it has sufficient power for the computers and instrument.
I recommend using an adjacent, separate room for the mills used to prepare the samples, with its power on separate circuits from the instrument room.  It is important to minimize the raising of sample dust in the instrument room.  Consider using a vacuum cleaner with a good filter to clean up the sample cups and the loading area.  Don't just brush the sample cups off and put all that dust into the air.
It's fun to set up a new work space.  Make sure to do it so your work flow is smooth and efficient.
Best wishes,

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Thanks! Dave.You got the points.
The room will be air conditioned. We have UPS connected with the computer and NIR. The mills is in another building. You are right. The dust would be a problem.Though we used vaccum cleaner to clear the cup, still the room would be covered by a layer of dust after hundred of samples' scanning. We are thinking to intall a suction fan in NIR room.

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7m2 is plenty of space. You should allow ample bench-space for samples as well as the equipment and your work-book.


(Posted by Ian Michael on behalf of Phil Williams)

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Sure. Thanks!

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Just to let you know that all models 5000 and 6500 will be no longer subject of service from neither FOSS or METROHM from the beginning of 2017 on. So I strongly suggest not only considering a special area for your instrument...but also, start considering the purchase of a brand new one.
Best regards

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Is that true? It is still working alright though. Which model will be the good one for replacing 5000 then?

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More than true - it is a fact. Even the Next one - InfraXact will be off of Production  Form  Beginnig of the next year
The best Model to replace with is NIRS DS 2500
As far as I know it is also possible to transfer all your calibration from system 5000 to DS 2500. In case you need it

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