Advise on ANN method

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Dear all,
I just develop calibration model on WINISI and by PLS algorithm. Now I would like to learn more about ANN method and another software. Can you give some advice about:
- What softwares I should consider to use (advantages, disadvantages?, lincense fee?, anual fee?)
- How many samples is enough to build a non-linear model?
- Some sources are available to learn these software?
Thanks in advance for your help,

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Look at the Centre fro Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT ). They have a lotof exprience and skills in robust calibration modelling includih neural networks. AJ


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Hi Nit,
I ever tried to develop calibartion using ANN methods, we need mathlab software which is have license fee. It can improve our calibration about 20% compared PLS or MPLS method