Foss XDS Not Functioning - Flashing Lights

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We recently turned off our FOSS XDS. After turning it on again it does not power up properly and the lamp does not turn on. All of the LEDs on the front of the equipment keep flashing.

Can anyone help with this? FOSSs only advice is to send one of their engineers which is very expensive, hopefully there is somethign we can do ourselves instead.



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First, if the bulb doesn't come on then there's a good chance it's burned out. So without getting into deep diagnostics, try putting in a new bulb.Even if it doesn't work, It's a cheap fix.

Second, if that's not it , then ask FOSS if you can ship the unit back for repair. Shipping costs should be much less than a field service call.




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You should call them again. It's inconceivable that they have no idea what is wrong. They may not know exactly, but they must be able to give a list (probably a small list) of possibilities.

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Foss engineers will know what to do and will have the electronics of the instrument. It will be cheaper to have them fix it. They will do it properly and the cost will be nominal, relative to the value of the instrument.



(Posted by Ian Michael on behalf of Phil Williams)

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We had a second XDS lying around (RLA). We took the power supply out of that and replaced it for the one in our faulty XDS.

It now works OK.

The power supply looks like a standard off the shelf unit, we will try and find the original manufacturer rather than go through FOSS and pay their mark-up premiums.


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Hi Dan,

Were you able to find a source or original manufacturer for the XDS power supply? We have an XDS that seems to be in a similar situation.

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Richard makes a good point  It may be that the first time you called, you spoke to someone in the sales department. This time, make sure you talk to eomeone in the service department.