ISIscan NOVA Startup Failed NIRS DS 2500 F

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Dear All,

My computer reinstalled windows 10.
Then I installed "ISIscan NOVA DS2500 WithPrereq Installer" according to the instructions with non-active : virus protection, firewall, and User Account Control Settings. Instalation is succes.

But when I opened "ISIscan NOVA" there was a statement "ISIscan NOVA Startup Failed NIRS" (Picture 1) and the status in the service scan was not running only starting (Picture 2).

Can you share problem solving for this ?

Thank you so much for your help.

Best Regards, 
Rega Anggraini

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Foss couldn't give you a solution?

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the solution from them, i had to reinstall windows again :(

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Foss should be able to help, if not the most common problem is that you have installed the program without "Run as admionistrator" so the program don't have the rights to start the database.

Uninstalling the SQL database is complicated that is probably why the recommendation was to re-install windows.



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i did "Run as administrator". is it possible that my Windows is not original can also have an effect ? because I did reinstall windows in a new service place. and I didn't know whether it is original windows or not.

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Hi Rega,

I think you need re-install the original windows 10 (license) to your PC and than you will easy to install the software ISIscan NOVA DS2500. If you still have problem please contact vendor : PT.Metrohm Indonesia as representative. Did you buy the NIR DS2500 with PT. Metrohm Indonesia or directly manufacture other country?

Thank You





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Dear Rega

Windows 10 tidak asli tidak berpengaruh.

Coba ganti time pada komputer menjadi US.

Anda juga dapat menghubungi teknisi FOSS

[email protected]

Best Regards

Ronald SP

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Hi RonaldSP,

Timenya saya pakai US. Saya komunikasikan dengan Foss yang biasa membantu permasalahan kami dikasih saran untuk instal ulang windows☹

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If you are computer literate enough, you can try this or else ask your IT guy to do it.

The problem is Windows does not allow enough time and sometimes it reaches timeout before the service starts. A small edit on the registry can sort this out.


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Uploaded screenshot of required setting

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Hi JohanG,


I cant find "ServicesPipeTimeout" on my computer.

Can you explain about that?




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Then best ask your IT person to look at it and create one if neccesary.

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Hi, JohanG

I have done according to your instructions but I did not find the solution :(