NIR Helps Differentiate Colombian Coffee

Coffee beans

Café Colombia, the National Federation of Coffee Growers, in conjunction with the University of La Rioja, Spain, have developed new technology based on NIR spectroscopy to protect the geographical indication of its coffee. NIR can be used to identify the source of coffee both regionally and globally. The National Research Centre Café (Cenicafé) has been building a spectral database of Colombian coffee from all parts of the country and the world since 2004. In 2010, over 32,000 samples, along with 1000 samples from supermarkets in Asia, Europe and North America described as 100% Colombian coffee, were analysed at Almacafé, an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. As well as helping to differentiate Colombian coffee, regional varieties, such as Café de Nariño, can also be protected.