Protein solubility in KOH

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Dear all, 
Did anybody have experience to develop calibration model for Protein solubility in KOH in Soy bean meal? If yes, can you share me some advide for that (reference method, NIR method, SEP or some reference documents)?
Thank all in advance,

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Hi Yen,
i am also trying it but have not obtained good regression value and still in data collection process. 
i use reference method from Aquacultur Feed Microscopy Manual, you can see it in my attachment for you

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Hi Yen and Rega,
Yes you can make NIR application for KOH Solubility in soya bean meal, there is a correlation between NIR spectrum and the quality of protein in soya whether they are cooked well, raw or burnt.
We did that succesfully and we have about 0.8 - 1 % SEP, which this will be greatly influenced by your laboratory precision and reproducilibity.
I would advise you to collect more sample in range of 60-90 % KOH value and you need to include all the varians in soya bean meal.
I used the same method as you guys from Aquaculture Feed Microscopy Manual.
Good luck on your trial,
Best regards,
Khaled Sungkar