Recognized expert in the design, dimensioning, building and validation of NIR spectroscopy systems applied to food matrices

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A French start up is seeking a talented, enthusiastic, and creative R&D optical engineer to join our R&D Instrumentation team and help us addressing our growing activity. You will join a diverse engineering and scientific staff and develop new and cutting edge products for the spectroscopy-based product line dedicated to the food industry. Our small company atmosphere (25 employees) is ideal for those engineers who enjoy the full flavor of product development, from conceptualization, modeling and simulation, to prototyping and laboratory testing. You will build the products you design and see them manufactured for use in diverse agro-food applications.
A successful candidate has concrete and demonstrable engineering skills – a proven track record of development, analysis, and realization of his/her designs. She/he will join theintegrated R&D Instrumentation team that tackles optical, electronics, software developments and will work at the interfacewith the R&D application and Industrialization teams.
The start up has built and maintained a reputation by bringing highly innovative food analysis systems to the food industry. It also routinely designs new signal analysis methods and models for customers across a large range of applications.
• Recognized expert in the design, dimensioning, building and validation of NIR spectroscopy systems applied to food matrices.
• Highly motivated individual with a proven track record (10+ years) of innovative work with optical/electro-optical systems/optomechanical systems
• Eager to tackle the most challenging optical system design problems in the company.
• A broad optics skill set is required. Our development projects are diverse and require expertise in a wide variety of optically related subjects. Experience in some or all of the following is desired:

  • • NIR Spectroscopy
  • • Radiometry/Photometry
  • • Optoelectronics
  • • Illumination Design
  • • Low-Light DetectionSystems
  • • Lens Design – UV to NIR (preferably Zemax)
  • • Physical Optics
  • • Conceptual Optomechanical Design
  • • Signal Analysis

• A proven leader – technical lead, project lead.
• Enjoys hands-on work in the lab:

  • • Build and test your own designs
  • • Experience with optical test equipment

• Enjoys mentoring
• Advanced Degree in Optics or Physics
Location near Paris, France.
If interested, to contact the French start up, please send your resume to:
Philippe Vermeulen
CRA-W Bâtiment Maurice Henseval
Chaussée de Namur, 24 B-5030 Gembloux
Email : [email protected]