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Dear anyone

I need help about XDS nira from foss. It has ben 3 day that the equipment can not be connected to the software (vision 3.3). Every time i try to connect there is a dialogue box says : "uploading error #251" and if we keep do the reference it says: serial time out. Can anybody give advice?

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Mindoro - it's not clear whether you're using a new instrument, just installed, or whether you've successfully been using this same setup for a while, and the problem started to occur three days ago. If the instrument is new then certainly you should contact Foss and notify them of your problem.

You could also contact Foss if the instrument was perviously working correctly, but before you do that, try to think of anything that might have changed three days ago that might have affect the instrument operation. Things to consider: did you install any new or different accessories, start using different measurement protocols, install updated software, or do anything to the instrument, the associated computer, or even the lab enviroment that might affect the instruemnt?





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Mindoro, I suggest that you switch to WinISI/ISIScan. It is much better software.

(Posted on behalf of Phil Williams by Ian Michael)


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Dear Mindoro

Kindly contact me at [email protected] and I will direct you to our service personnel in Indonesia to assist you.



G K Tan


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There was nothing change on my pc before until the supplier technician told me to reinstal the software, but it didnt solve still. The ip addres is available when in "view spectra" mode, but when i try to "acquire new data" (or connect the instrument) it fails. The amber lamp indicator is actualy on. I really need help on this.

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XDS spectrometers operating with Vision, previously sold by Foss, belong now to Metrohm. For Vision problems, please contact Metrohm. If you are in Asia please contact G K Tan (see previous posts), and your problem will be solved ASAP. I do not exactly know what is the type of instrument, but sometimes "serial time out" messages come from problems in the monochromator. You have a version of the software that I am not familiar with and therefore I'm affraid I can not help anymore.