Miniature NIR spectrometer

Pembroke Instruments have released the “QRed”, a version of their Qmini with a wavelength range of 900–2500 nm.

A high-throughput Czerny–Turner spectrometer with a TEC-cooled InGaAs line image sensor are used. The standard configuration provides a resolution of 8 nm across a wavelength range of 900–1700 nm; custom wavelength ranges up to 2500 nm and higher resolutions are available on request.

The instrument measures 67 × 62 × 20 mm and weighs 250 g. Its thermal design provides high thermal stability and excellent heat transfer without a fan. Powerful on-board processing delivers fully processed spectra and allows application-specific evaluation. The design with no moving parts ensures reliable operation in rough environments and has been designed for economic high volume production.

Photo of the QRed